Which areas of operation does LU-MUN Holding have?

LU-MUN HOLDING LLC is an investment company with four subsidiaries operating in the agricultural sector. These subsidiaries are Azerbaijan Fish Farm (fish farming), Azerbaijan Poultry Company (production of poultry under the brand name “Mərcan”), Azerbaijan Organic Company (natural honey under the brand name “BalAyı”, bio-fertilizer, production of saffron products) and Azerbaijan Flowers Company (production of roses under the brand name “BakuRoses”).

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a notion demonstrating the goodwill of companies engaged in the development of the communities and the environment. CSR does not only entail charity activities but encompasses a broader set of operations focused on sustainable value creation for the communities and the environment.

What are the main CSR priorities of LU-MUN Holding?

With the aim of creating a positive impact for the communities and the environment LU-MUN Holding carries out a number of projects in the areas of education (including vocational education within the industries where we operate), preparation of children deprived of parental care for an independent life, creation of equal opportunities for them, healthcare, women entrepreneurship, supporting small and medium-scale fish farmers, cultivation of sturgeons and protection of the Caspian biodiversity, and expansion of beekeeping. At the same time, LU-MUN Holding strives to minimize negative impacts on the environment by reducing the number of water consumed in daily operations, recycling paper, and plastic waste and collecting empty batteries to safely deliver them to the relevant enterprises.

How can we join and support the initiative to prepare vulnerable children deprived of parental care for an independent life?

To join the initiative to prepare vulnerable children deprived of parental care for an independent life you can contact us via csr@lmh.az or 0518873949. You can significantly contribute to the project by sharing your knowledge or skills with the children in a classroom format or online, by donating electrical equipment (laptops, tablets, etc.), by involving third parties from different professional backgrounds to support the professional development and future career growth of the children, and by creating professional opportunities for them.

Is it possible to make financial donations?

LU-MUN Holding does not accept financial donations of any kind. You can support our projects as LMH friends – by either making non-financial donations or volunteering to share your knowledge and skills with the children.

What other projects does LU-MUN Holding carry out to help the community?

One of the projects realized by LU-MUN Holding is the “Field Trips to Farms” initiative. Within the framework of this project school children, students of vocational schools, and college students get the opportunity to participate in various educational trips and to learn more about fish farming, poultry production, beekeeping, and flower production by interacting directly with the relevant specialists. LU-MUN Holding has supplied a number of female entrepreneurs who have an interest in beekeeping with the necessary equipment and training within the last two years. This project also contributes to the local biodiversity by increasing the number of bees. LU-MUN Holding also carries out a number of charity initiatives. This includes delivering special gift boxes and groceries to vulnerable families during holidays such as Ramadhan and Qurban. One of the subsidiaries of the Holding – Azerbaijan Poultry Company – makes a monthly product donation to the child institutions to provide them with high-quality nutritious food. Another subsidiary – Azerbaijan Flowers Company – carries out a project called “Strength of the Flowers” to positively impact the mental health of the communities and to bring them joy. The company occasionally distributes flowers to the elderly who live in community houses, to the social workers who work in child institutions, or to the members of the community in general.

How can we join the other projects?

You can join all the projects and support them whether as a volunteer or by making non-financial donations. At the end of every project published on our website, you can click on the “Join us” link to join the project of your choice. Should you have any questions, you can always contact us via csr@lmh.az or by calling us at +99451 887 39 49.

Does LU-MUN Holding provide financial aid for the projects focused on community development?

LU-MUN Holding does provide financial aid for the projects focused on priorities of the company. The selected projects are reviewed by the CSR committee for alignment with the priorities and are subsequently added to the annual action plan.

During which period does the Holding accept project applications?

Project applications are accepted between July and September each year, and the project status is communicated to the relevant parties in December. Confirmed projects are provided with relevant support starting from January.

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